City Warehouse Past

City Warehouse was originally created as a Ford Motor assembly plant. The company began with two employees in 1909; by 1914, there were 80. And before it closed at the end of the 57-year operation, 3,000 employees were on the payroll. It was one of 15 plants operated throughout the country and could produce 650 cars and trucks each day with two eight -hour shifts.

“Built in Texas by Texans” was printed on a decal and placed on the back window of each car. The slogan really became a thorn in the side of the competition since no other cars were built in Texas at that time. Former Texans would write in to request the popular sticker to place on their Fords in adopted states. It was the only automobile assembly plant in the country to have a private trademark.

World War II brought many changes to the economy as Americans focused on the war. Ford made a contribution during those war years by manufacturing reconnaissance car-vehicles referred to as “Jeeps” by the military. The first model rolled off the assembly line Feb. 13, 1942. During the war, 94,345 Jeeps and 6,286 military trucks were manufactured at the East Grand Plant.

1924 – Construction began
1925 – Ford Assembly began
1940 – 1945 – Ford Assembly halted, facility was used to produce Jeep Willis for use during WWII
1976 – Ford Assembly shut down
1980 – Space Center purchased the property and converted it into multi-tenant industrial park
1983 – Clubcorp purchased from Space Center
1997 – Oaktree Capital purchased from Clubcorp
2007 – Frontier Equity purchased from Oaktree Capital